• Full-Service-Production
  • Artbuying
  • Photographer selection
  • Price negotiation
  • Casting
  • Location scouting
  • Set construction
  • Accounting
  • Copyright management
  • Coproduction

Our services include full planning and organization of a photo shooting. This means advice for the selection of the proper photographer and artdirector or creative team, also the subsequent booking of suitable stylists, make-up artists, as well as the organization and production of a setconstruction, if it is required. By request we resume the search for the right location at home and abroad. Of course we take care of necessary permissions.

We develop a calculation and conduct the necessary price negotiations based on market-driven fees for all mentioned services. A final accounting including all positions as well as the copyright management complete our offer. You can make demands on all this services also separately.

We produce for national and international clients like Palmers and Microsoft and also for photographers, such as Arthur Elgort, Richard Renaldi, Markku Lahdesmaki, Daniel Riera, Fadil Berisha und Mario Schmolka.

We cast for you national and international models.Over the years, we have also developed a private street casting archive, in which we can always fall back. This allows us in many cases, a flexible and rapid search for suitable models.
Here you can find a small selection: link